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Pre Purchase Inspection


  • Body Paint Check Up
  • Identify Body Accident or Repaired
  • Mechanical and Electrical Check Up
  • Computerized Diagnostic Report
  • Chassis Physical Condition
  • Brake System Test
  • Suspension Check
  • Engine and Gear Performance
  • Any Oil Leak Inspection

AC Servicing

Service includes:

  • AC Troubleshooting
  • Refill AC Gas, if required
  • AC Filter Servicing
  • AC Compressor Check Up
  • AC Blower Fan Condition Check Up
  • AC Condenser Cleaning
  • Leak Inspection
  • Provide inspection report if any other component of AC System required to replace


Terms and Condition:

If any additional parts needed, there will be a separate charge.

Interior Detailing

Interior Detailing Includes:

  • Complete Internal Vacuuming
  • Cold high pressure wash, Shampooing of carpets, mats and seats with stain removal
  • Cleaning of air vents, door panel and cockpit dashboard cleaning
  • Interior dressing, odor ionizer, engine room cleaning and tyre dressing
  • Interior roof cleaning


Exterior Body Polish

Exterior Detailing Includes:

  • Complete compound polish
  • Clear coat / removal of lesser scratches
  • Full body polish with car waxing and external washing
  • Rim and Tyre Polishing
  • Headlight Polishing


Engine Oil Service

  • AED 500 for 4 Cylinder
  • AED 700 for 6 Cylinder
  • AED 1000 for 8 Cylinder

Service Includes:

  • Replace Engine oil
  • Replace Oil Filter
  • Brake System Check
  • Top up Coolant water
  • Clean engine air filter
  • Checking break oil level
  • Steering fluid check
  • Gear oil level check
  • Refill wiper water
  • Checking tire pressure
  • Battery level check
  • Engine and Gear Oil Leak inspection

General Inspection

This Inspection is based on the customer’s concern, We use today’s technology to know what is the current problem of the customer’s car.

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