Car Air Conditioning Service


Air conditioning system of your car requires regular maintenance and repair to do its job well. At “Profix Auto Care” we offer the best AC checkup facilities like fixing the refrigerant leaks, AC compressor repair and more at affordable rates. We have experts and trained mechanics that would not only detect the exact problem with your car’s AC but also provide you with the best solution.
Range of AC checkup services offered at Profix Auto care
Profix Auto Care provides its customers with a wide range of AC repair services and other car services as well in order to ease their issues. We offer you one the Best Car AC checkups in Dubai like general repair and maintenance of the AC, diagnostics, and scanning, tune-up services and so on. Our services include:

  • Test for pressure level produced by your car’s AC system
  • Service of AC system components
  • Test and repair for any issue with the AC operation
  • A thorough check for AC leakages within your car’s AC  system
  • Refill of oil gas
  • Overall checkup of your car health

Hence, if you notice any of the above-mentioned issues with your AC in the car, or you haven’t had it serviced for a while then this is the time to contact us! Just book your car AC checkup service with Profix Auto care and we assure you won’t regret this decision.

How do we work?

On your visit to Profix Auto Care workshop, our experienced and skilled mechanics will first examine for all the faults and issues associated with your car’s air conditioning system. They will then replace or repair the faulty parts to ensure that your AC is operating in the best condition. Once the issues are fixed, you can further enjoy your driving experience in all weather conditions.

Get Top Quality Ac Repair Services At Reasonable Quotation.

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